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Hi writer! Thanks for offering one of my little fandoms/ships - please excuse any scrappiness in this letter while I hastily sign up last-minute. And also all the /s below, I swear I cut as many as I could...

General likes and dislikes )

I've mostly requested sitcoms plus one superhero show that's still pretty comedic. I’d happily read comedy or humour fics for all of these, but if you’re so inclined I’d also be interested in more character driven or introspective fics. I’d prefer no darkfic, non-con or death fic, though, and I'd strongly prefer a happy or hopeful ending (with exceptions for Gavin/Richard and Peep Show, as below). It's not necessary to replicate the narration and cutaways in AD and the to-camera parts in Better Off Ted, if you write for either of those, although if you want to and it fits the story you're writing, go for it.

I also seem to have requested a lot of ships where one (or more) participant is sarcastic/aggressive/driven/What Are Feelings. I'll eat up anything where they're an unreliable POV insisting they don't care about the other half of their ship (while clearly being head over heels), or where they get a chance to be protective or they unbend enough to make some unexpected and understated gesture of affection, or they're just surprised by love.

Things I'd rather not see: Alpha/Beta/Omega, mpreg, non-con. In almost everything I've nominated I really enjoy the world and the setting as well as the characters, so I'd prefer no AUs that change the canon setting ('everything's as it is in canon but people have daemons, soulmates etc' is fine, but no coffeeshop or high school AUs, please.)

Arrested Development (GOB/Tony) )

Better Off Ted (Ted/Veronica, Ted/Veronica/Linda) )

Peep Show (Mark/Jeremy) )

Silicon Valley (Gavin/Bighead, Erlich/Monica, Gavin/Richard) )

Supergirl (Kara/Cat) )

Veep (Gary/Selina, Gary & Selina, Kent/Catherine) )

I've probably written far too much, but these are all just suggestions (I'd be thrilled with 300 words of any of these couples hugging it out.) - hope you have fun with the assignment, and thanks again for offering these fandoms!
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Hello Yuletide writer!

First off, thank you for offering one of my tiny fandoms/ships! In writing this letter I've been going through my tumblr cleaning up some tags and it's made me excited at the prospect of getting a gift in any of these fandoms. When In Rome and The Brady Bunch Movie have no fic at all, Parks & Rec has no fic for the pairing I've requested and Arrested Development, while a relatively popular fandom compared to those others, gets a few fics a month if we're lucky and has the ship that I've been obsessed with for a year and a half - so whichever one we matched on, this is a tiny fandom of my heart.

Secondly, sorry for the length of this letter, easily the longest one I've ever produced for Yuletide. I'm giving some likes, dislikes, fandom info and prompts below because I like to have those things, but I know that as always Optional Details Are Optional.

Likes and dislikes )

Arrested Development – Gob Bluth, Tony Wonder
Magicians in love! I'd love to see anything about them fake-dating in season 4, or how they fare as a couple once it's all resolved: Tony meets the family? Typical Bluth shenanigans with a new person in the mix? Or an AU taking canon in a different direction would be interesting - what happens if Gob goes through with the wedding, or doesn't run into Ann at Cinco?
More about Arrested Development )

The Brady Bunch Movie – Marcia Brady, Noreen
I'd love to see Marcia gaining a clue about Noreen's unrequited love or spontaneously developing a crush of her own on her friend (maybe assuming that of course Noreen doesn't feel the same way). Brady parents and/or siblings turning this into a Very Special Episode as they weigh in with well-meaning advice would be welcome.
More about The Brady Bunch movieverse )

Parks and Recreation – Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, Craig Middlebrooks
I just want to know what these two would look like as either a couple or platonic BFFs; do they go horseback-riding/go-kart racing like they planned in the s6 finale? Do they have a dramatic torrid affair or surprise everyone by being stable and in love or just get into ridiculous situations of their own making? Or all of the above?
More about Parks & Rec )

When in Rome – Tony, Gale
So what happens at the wedding reception? (Besides the dancing from the end credits anyway) Does Gale make good on that offer to pose for a nude? Do they stay friends with Beth? How did they interact when they were both under the spell, and how much of that do they even remember?
More about When in Rome )

Thank you again, Yuletide Writer, for offering my fandoms and for reading any portion of me wittering on about them above - can't wait to read what you come up with!
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*blows dust off this account* Hi Yuletide writer! You've been matched to me, so I assume you're a fan of at least one of the TV comedies below. Whichever we've matched on, I'm hugely excited to read your fic and I really hope you have fun writing it.

Optional details being, as always, optional, I'd love to read anything you write about the listed characters. But if you'd like some prompts to go on:

30 Rock (Devon, Jack); Arrested Development (GOB, Tony); Better Off Ted (Veronica, Ted); Parks & Rec (Ben) - spoilers for all, including AD season 4 )

General likes and dislikes for these fandoms

Like: ships between people who complement one another's specific quirks, comedic misunderstandings, banter, zany schemes, found families, close friendships, fluff, kid fic, Christmas/holiday stories. Slash, het, femslash, poly, gen, it's all good. All of these are fandoms where I'll embrace ridiculous fic tropes like people being magically de-aged or Harry Potter fusions or apocalypse AUs. Crossovers between any of these fandoms would be A-OK.

Dislike: character/ship bashing (with an exception for the in-character stuff, like everyone forgetting Ann in AD), PWP, Alpha/Beta/Omega, death fic, depressing endings

I only realised in the writing of this post that three of my fandoms have some kind of fourth-wall-breaking stylistic thing going on (and 30 Rock has a ton of flashbacks and cutaways) - it's not necessary to emulate it in the fic unless you really want to.

Most of my fandom activity lately's been over on tumblr, if you want to check that out. And thank you for writing for me!

ETA to add some sources 19th Oct and having looked up the references I now want to rewatch all of the episodes above. Maybe just all of these 4 canons in their entirety.
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I have been watching an unholy amount of television lately, including all of Being Erica and Better Off Ted, the first episode of the new Sherlock, and a varied jaunt round the police procedural (CSI is ridiculous and runs on magic, The Mentalist and Castle are both really really fun, the first season of Law & Order is weirdly compelling and Columbo > everyone ever) - and yet, I can't pull together any sort of commentary on these things because I have just watched an episode of Highlander and now I'm in a stupefied state of "...what the hell was that?!" This is probably my own fault for starting near the end of season 3, having never seen an episode, but I wanted to see this Methos guy - I was astonished last year at [community profile] connotations to learn he's not actually the lead character, fannish osmosis having steered me wrong - and it sounds like a simple enough premise, right? Right?!

...okay, for the most part it was a simple enough plot. Immortals run around trying to kill each other because this allows them to absorb their victim's superpowers; the lead, despite his accent, is allegedly a Highlander (hence the title) and has a magnificently 90s haircut; there is a bad guy who used to be a monk; there are Watchers; there are historical flashbacks; this is all fine, like Angel with more amusing hair. And I see why Duncan/Methos is such an immense old school ship. However, there was also an entirely random subplot about some guy called Richie joining a motorbike team (was it bikes or cars? I just watched this and yet the plot is already fading from my mind.) Halfway through I paused to check an episode guide just to be sure a different show hadn't been spliced into my copy by mistake, but no. This is what I get for not watching from the beginning - no doubt this was the climax of a carefully crafted some-guy-called-Richie-dreams-of-racing-stardom subplot that I didn't appreciate at all. That said, the theme tune was quite epic and if there's one thing I love, it's a 90s show, so it's only being stuck at my parents' with their painfully small broadband usage limit that's stopping me from acquiring some more episodes right now.
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To make up for not watching any TV at all while writing up my thesis, apart from an episode of Doctor Who every Saturday, and occasionally staring in a stupefied way at the football if it happened to be on, I'm catching up on shows I've missed, or ones I've never seen (Being Erica - awesome and Quantum Leap-y and Bechdel-test passing! Community - only on episode 6 but I love it. Criminal Minds - very good, but gives me night terrors and I may need to get somewhat further into it before I grasp why the fanfic seems to be 90% about Reid and guy-who-looks-a-bit-like-Wilson). So I ended up watching all of Better Off Ted in two days, and then went looking for people talking about it, when I ran across this description, probably on TV Tropes:

"A lot of people ship Ted/Veronica instead of the canon pairing Ted/Linda..."

Which make me skid to a "what, wait?" halt: not because the existence of Ted/Veronica shippers is a surprise - it took me an entire season to realise I was actually meant to be shipping him with Linda, not Veronica, who is incredible in her awesomeness - but because of the 'canon pairing' bit. Spoilers for relationships in Better Off Ted )

Of the two, I'd say Ted/Linda isn't canon while Ted/Veronica is at least arguably so - which led me to the conclusion I'm Doing It Wrong, or Defining It Wrong, when it comes to 'canon pairing'. When I use that term, I mean a couple who are or were unambiguously in a relationship, to the point that unless you were writing AU fic you would have to explain why this couple aren't/haven't been together: so Amy/Rory and Gwen/Rhys are canon but Ian/Barbara aren't, no matter how much I like the pairing, because you could quite easily write fic where nothing beyond the platonic ever happened between them without contradicting a thing in canon. It seems like when other people say 'canon pairing' they mean that it's... sanctioned by canon, somehow? A couple the show writers are portraying as a potential romantic relationship even if it never actually becomes one, because the characters leave or get killed off or the show is cancelled or things just go in a different direction? (This would explain the Torchwood fic I saw labelled 'canon pairings' that included Jack/Gwen. Though as I recall some Jack/Ianto fans weren't at all pleased about that.)

I'll add that to the list of 'somewhat nebulous terms in fandom (especially Doctor Who fandom)', along with canon, OTP and multishipper (that last one was one I thought was pretty well established till the wank this week).
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...I appear to have finished my PhD. Well, bar the pesky bit where you actually have to pass; but I've written and submitted my thesis.

Am a wee bit shell-shocked, though better after sleeping for thirteen hours last night (making up for the last six weeks of thesis writing, where getting to bed at midnight was a short day). I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea of having free time again - including actual time for fandom rather than dropping-random-comments-and-running, which is all I've been fit for for months. It's very strange. But I've got nothing to do but tool around with my academic CV for the foreseeable future, so I should probably muster up some comments on this season of Doctor Who (expect that would descend into how I'm OT3ing Eleven/Amy/Rory so much that Ican'teven.)

This probably means I have to get a job and be a proper person now, y/y?
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Don't be alarmed if you've suddenly been friended (...circled?) by me; I'm doing some housekeeping. My reading page here looked lonely. I'm helping rectify that by looking around for LJ folk and abusing the random community feature. Soon my reading page will be as immense and unwieldy as my LJ one - just the way I like it.

ETA: oh, Random Community link - sending me to [community profile] knitting four times, when my hamfisted lack of coordination means I'm liable to put someone's eye out if armed with dangerously long needles? Why must you mock me when I love you so?


Nov. 13th, 2009 10:50 am
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Dear [community profile] yuletide writer (I just feel a bit odd about calling people goats, although goats are perfectly nice creatures. Maybe that bit in Harry Potter about Dumbledore's brother and the inappropriate charms ruined them for me?),

Hurray! You've signed up for one of my rare fandoms - and this year they're really pretty rare, I think the most popular has four offers that aren't me - which means I like you already. And I'm dead easy to please, honestly. I like gen, slash, het, femslash, poly, I'm a huge multishipper, there are very few characters I don't like, I'm a big fan of humour and dialogue and adventures and fun character interactions; I'm not very fond (at least for these four fandoms) of unremitting angst without at least some spark of hope at the end of the tunnel, and I really hate character or ship bashing (though obviously some characters do canonically dislike each other, and reflecting that's fine).

I know this is weird in fandom, but I generally skim NC-17 scenes, so PWP isn't really my thing; don't feel you have to fade to black if it's going to wreck the story you're writing, of course.

Enid Blyton - St Clare's series )

Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? )

The Brady Bunch Movie )

Bernard and the Genie )
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There's a meme going around where you do Top 5s suggested by your friends list; I'm only doing this meme in a half-assed way, where I do Top 5s suggested by myself, because anything else spells madness and tying myself in mental knots (I tried to do that 'your 15 favourite ships ever' a few weeks ago and ended up with a vastly complicated Venn diagram with about 50 couples listed on it. )

Top 5: ships who have never met, fannish sources to revisit, fandoms for Yuletide, female characters, and things that are inexplicably not online )
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One of my book groups is reading The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss this month, which would seem like a cool real life/fandom convergence if I could make myself read anything other than Holmes pastiches and Enid Blyton's boarding school stories - the latter of which I picked up assuming I'd be far too grown-up for them now and, oh dear, I'm really not. I can't believe that the O'Sullivan twins books skip the third form! I didn't notice that as a kid, or I'd forgotten it, and it seems so unforgivable; the whole point of school series is that you get a book per school year (on the other hand, missing third and sixth form means there are three first-form books, but but I like the older forms! There's more potential for femslash!) I know there are fill-ins written by someone else but the reviews are pretty terrible, and I don't think I could read them for jealousy that someone who isn't me is getting paid to write Enid Blyton fanfic.

I didn't notice as a kid either that the O'Sullivan twins are meant to be Irish. Their Irish accents are mentioned on page one of the first book and it's never brought up again. They certainly don't have Irish speech patterns, and they live somewhere that it's possible to drive to London. Still, I suppose it's better than that Angela Brazil book with the Irish schoolgirl at an English school who insists on dying her hat green and decorating her uniform with shamrocks.
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Grumble grumble stupid university that doesn't give us today's bank holiday grumble wish I was at home finishing the new Sarah Waters book grumble...
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I've loving these New Trek fic memes:

Journey to Drabble (100 prompts, multi-ship and gen)

Star Trek XI kink meme

Non-kink anon meme

So far all I've contributed this ficlet from the prompt 'Spock Prime, unexpected' but I'm looking for more to fill. Even the kinkmeme's calling me, and I hardly ever write smut. I love all this girl!Kirk stuff that's popping up. I've decided if he'd born a girl Kirk would have been called Allison for his great-great-great grandmother, since this trope clearly indicates that Cameron and Chase from House are Winona Kirk's ancestors. Which makes a certain strange amount of sense.

I'm watching Star Trek V (for great lulz). I physically need NuTrek fic where they all go on a camping trip together.
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As I was reading a TOS novel in the student canteen at lunchtime, all three of the groups at tables around mine were talking about Star Trek. I need to both write up what I thought of the movie (short version=!!!LOVE!!!) and get me some icons. Hello, shiny new fandom that's also my old fandom. (It's weird coming to nuTrek at the opposite direction as I did to nuWho - I watched Rose never having consciously seen a single DW episode, while I've seen every episode of Star Trek, read a ton of the books and was heavily into the fandom way back when the internets were new to me.)
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I know I'm behind everyone else on seeing this, but this Quantum Leap/Doctor Who mashup has got me both watching Quantum Leap again and wishing for post-Journey's End crackfic where Handy has a bit of an accident trying to rejig the dimensional cannon into a TARDIS and Rose - better yet Jackie - gets to be his Al.

ETA: UNIT as the A-Team = <3
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I've registered a community called [community profile] companions which is for, in a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin way, the Doctor Who companions (and those whose companion status is debatable like Jackie Tyler or Duggan). I'm not quite sure what I want to do with it, though. I wanted a general comm about all the companions, new, old and middle school, but I don't want it to either descend into faction-bickering or floods of Ten/one-of-Ten's-companions fic. Hm.

Just the fact that this was the comm I immediately wanted to make, though, proves what I've thought for a while, that the companions are really the most important bit for me; I don't even mind which companion so much, so long as one of them's around. This latest batch of NSAs is the first I haven't immediately bought because I'm much less interested in Ten alone or Ten plus one-off novel companion than I am in Ten plus Rose, Martha or Donna (or Jack, Mickey, Jackson and Rosita...)

I'm reading the Gary Russell one with Donna and Wilf at the moment. I wish this one would be an episode so I could have EVIL NORTHERN IRISH MEGALOMANIACS on my telly. Normally we're only allowed to be terrorists, alcoholics or sarcastic police detectives, so Doctor Who Villain would be a step up.
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I'm worried that making a post before the importer's done its job will cause this post to vanish into the ether, crash Dreamwidth, or break the internet, but I think on balance I'll risk it.

While I'm waiting for the new Trek film to make its way to the cinemas I'm revisiting The Original Series. I think it's safe to say this was my first true love, as TV shows go; I'm a bit fuzzy on the timing, but I think I got into TOS before The X-Files (and unlike The X-Files I never fell out of love with it). I'm sure that I got into Star Trek through the novels before I'd ever seen the TV show, and when you've started off by falling in love with library copies of Uhura's Song and Pawns and Symbols it's a bit jarring to finally find it on TV and realise that Uhura's not the main character and there are far less Klingons than you were led to believe. Still, I gave it a chance and spent my early teens as a massive Trek nerd. So, with the new movie upon us I'm watching some episodes I haven't seen in years (alt!Spock/McCoy? Hot.) and finally getting around to sticking some books onto my shiny ebook reader.

This week I spent a commute and a lunch hour reading The Vulcan Academy Murders. My one-word review: lol. Spoilers for a decades old book )
It was a slight, fun read and I certainly don't resent the couple of hours I spent on it. What should be my next odyssey into TOS published fanfic? I have most of them in ebook and I'm veering towards The Entropy Effect or Dwellers in the Crucible, both of which I remember liking when I was a kid, but I'd be keen for Moar Sulu or Uhura.
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Is anyone on my flist (apart from [ profile] moonlettuce, natch) going to [ profile] connotations in September? Or have been to one in previous years? Because I've just found out that I should be able to get a cheap flight from Belfast and despite, y'know, my general rubbishness with people in meatspace I think it sounds fun.
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Ganked from [ profile] thewhiteowl and [ profile] lizbee

The BBC allegedly believes most people will have only read 6 of the 100 books here:

How do your reading habits stack up? [bold those books you've read in their entirety, italicize the ones you started but didn't finish]

Yeah, I start a lot of books and then forget where I've put them... )
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