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Hello, my ship swap assignee! Apparently you're down for writing me some rare pair sitcom fic or making some rare pair sitcom art. Excellent. I like you.

Most of the below is about fic, because I know how to sign up for ficathons while I don't know how to request fanart. So - any fanart that's not gore or obviously non-con or hits one of my other general dislikes? You could also check out my fanart tag on tumblr to see the sort of thing I like.

Arrested Development
GOB/Tony: I'll read anything with these two as a couple. Your version of what happened on Cinco or what happened the next day; meeting the family; getting caught up in some Bluth scheme; zany antics at a magicians' conference; AU where Tony's the person GOB drunkenly marries on a dare in season 1; I want all of it. Either slash or pre-slash is fine, just please no no-homoing away the relationship by having them decide they really are just platonic friends with no romantic/sexual attraction to each other.

Michael/Lindsay: This was my OTP before season 4 hit, and the only time ever that a guilty-pleasure incest ship has suddenly gone (sort-of) canon on me. I don't mind if fic is set before or after they knew they weren't biologically related. I'm possibly a bad person for wanting comedy fic about Michael being filled with angst and self-loathing for wanting his twin (but finding some way to justify it to himself, because Michael is a self-righteous hypocritical asshole and I adore him for it) - or equally, fic where Michael just throws caution and good sense out the window and goes for it. Family reactions would be fun.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Diaz/Santiago: I'd love some trope fic for these two - there are already some amazing undercover-in-a-lesbian-bar fics around, but how about undercover as soccer moms, or pretending to be a couple at some high-class event? Accidentally handcuffed together? Rosa does a terrible job at hiding her jealousy when the squad finds out Amy has a girlfriend? Team shenanigans at their future wedding? Or some exploration of backstory would be great - maybe Rosa's ballet skills or Amy's brothers come into play somehow.

Holt/Peralta: It was me who nominated this and I feel like a jerk requesting it because I ship it like burning but only under very specific circumstances; I'm weird about infidelity in fic, so I'd prefer this to be an unrequited crush on Jake's part, an AU where Holt is unmarried/divorced, or he has an open marriage. (Or if you wanted to throw time travel in there, Jake with 70s!Holt would be amazing.) I love the whole squad, so please bring anyone or everyone else into the plot if you want to.

Parks and Rec
Chris Traeger/Ben Wyatt: I remain convinced that Ben blurting out "who HASN'T had gay thoughts?" in that one episode is allll about Chris and the years they spent on the road. I'd love something about their history together - or, I was so, so happy when Ann and Chris's exit story made the explicit parallel that Chris is Leslie and Ben is Ann, so I'd like to read anything looking at that, so long as it doesn't bash Ben/Leslie or Chris/Ann. An OT3 or 4 with Leslie and/or Ann would be more than fine by me. (In the unlikely event you have a yearning to write OT4 futurefic where they raise the baby together, gimme, yes.)

Donna/Jean Ralphio: Bless whoever nominated this. Everybody on this show is my favourite, but Jean Ralphio in all his awfulness might be a little bit more my favourite than anyone else. I know it was hate at first sight from her side, but he and Donna would be incredible together (I can only imagine how epic a couples' Treat Yo Self would be). I know I've put 'PWP' in the dislikes list below, but I'll make an exception for this pairing. Also, I would be all for some kind of exploration of their canonical mutual attraction to Chris.

Big Bang Theory
Raj/Stuart: I honestly thought the show was going here at one point. More fool me. Still, I love these two together; I'd prefer a story about them going from friends to lovers, or realising they're practically dating, than an established relationship fic.

Raj/Amy: I've always thought these two would make a good couple, and I don't think I've ever seen fic of this pairing. I tend to read both of them as at least bi-curious, if you felt like exploring that, but I'd love anything with them having fun together (especially if they bond over science and/or Amy gets to indulge her sometimes-alarming enthusiasm for her experiments). No bashing of Amy/Sheldon, please.

If you want to mash up these two requests and go Raj/Stuart/Amy, by all means!

General likes and dislikes:
Like: ships between people who complement one another's specific quirks, comedic misunderstandings, banter/good dialogue, zany schemes, found families, close friendships, in-character fluff, kid fic, Christmas/holiday stories, ensembles. Slash, het, femslash, poly, gen, it's all good (although in putting together this signup I realised that even my het ships almost all have at least one participant who I think is queer. Huh.) All of these are fandoms where I'll embrace ridiculous fic tropes like people being magically de-aged or Harry Potter fusions or apocalypse AUs.

Dislike: character/ship bashing (with an exception for the in-character stuff, like everyone forgetting Ann in AD), PWP, Alpha/Beta/Omega, death fic, depressing endings.

Some of this I copied from my Yuletide letter, if you want to check that out, or you can see what I'm up to on tumblr for more of what I like.

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their canonical mutual attraction to Chris

I am LITERALLY so happy right now I may die.


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