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I got very turned off by Big Bang Theory because it seemed to have an excess of Nice-Guy-ism. Am I oversensitive?

In short - love the show but it's a very good question )

Have you seen the latest S8 comic (Kennedy and Satsu)? If so what do you think.

No, not yet! It sounds like a setup dreamed up just for me, though, so I hope it's good.

Housemates don't get anon rights, especially when they're being smug, so [ profile] marymac asked (to paraphrase, as she asked in person) So, you were firmly on the Ray V side of the Ray wars; how do you feel about Ray K now?

The fact that I'm only watching these episodes now, twelve years after I was in the fandom and at least five years after I got them on disc, should amply demonstrate why I never get to snark at anyone in Who fandom for not being unwilling or unable to move on to the new one when their Doctor or companion leaves )

Have you read/seen Twilight?

I've read the first one, which was just awful on every level, almost physically painful to get through; no desire to read the rest. I liked the film, though.

Any general fannish pet peeves? Or pet peeves for DW fandom in particular?

Cut for length )

([ profile] who_daily, don't link, please. There's posting unlocked under the terms of the meme and then there's whinging at fandom about how they're DOIN IT WRONG)


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