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Hi writer! Thanks for offering one of my little fandoms/ships - please excuse any scrappiness in this letter while I hastily sign up last-minute. And also all the /s below, I swear I cut as many as I could...

Things I like: ships between people who complement one another's specific quirks (even if/especially if that means the relationship seems weird to outsiders), comedic misunderstandings, dialogue, zany schemes, found families, close friendships, kid fic, curtainfic, holiday stories (Valentine's Day is the obvious one for this exchange but I will never say no to an unseasonal Christmas fic). Tropes, particularly pretending to be a couple/undercover in a gay bar/pretending to be married, amnesia, hurt/comfort, snowed in/huddling for warmth, Five Things, groundhog day, apocalypse or post-apocalypse. Canon divergence AUs. Outsider POV, where another character reacts to the main couple. For any of these requests I'd be really happy with slice of life fic, but plotty fic would also be loved. I prefer fic where the couple gets together than an established relationship, with some exceptions noted below.

I've mostly requested sitcoms plus one superhero show that's still pretty comedic. I’d happily read comedy or humour fics for all of these, but if you’re so inclined I’d also be interested in more character driven or introspective fics. I’d prefer no darkfic, non-con or death fic, though, and I'd strongly prefer a happy or hopeful ending (with exceptions for Gavin/Richard and Peep Show, as below). It's not necessary to replicate the narration and cutaways in AD and the to-camera parts in Better Off Ted, if you write for either of those, although if you want to and it fits the story you're writing, go for it.

I also seem to have requested a lot of ships where one (or more) participant is sarcastic/aggressive/driven/What Are Feelings. I'll eat up anything where they're an unreliable POV insisting they don't care about the other half of their ship (while clearly being head over heels), or where they get a chance to be protective or they unbend enough to make some unexpected and understated gesture of affection, or they're just surprised by love.

Things I'd rather not see: Alpha/Beta/Omega, mpreg, non-con. In almost everything I've nominated I really enjoy the world and the setting as well as the characters, so I'd prefer no AUs that change the canon setting ('everything's as it is in canon but people have daemons, soulmates etc' is fine, but no coffeeshop or high school AUs, please.)

Arrested Development (GOB/Tony)
Since this ship's canon (!) I'm fine with established relationship fic (how do magicians or Bluths celebrate Valentine's Day?), although the aftermath of their night together's always ripe for exploration, or fic in an earlier season when they're still rivals could be fun. My favourite thing about the part of canon where they're fake-dating is how smitten with each other they are, even while they're both loudly claiming it's all just a brilliant scheme, so anything with them being deeply in denial and deeply into each other would be great. Stealing prompts from last year's Yuletide signup (more at the full letter):
- what happens on the rest of the night they sit up and talk?
- Do they see each other again between then and the Cinco sex-date?
- Is Gob still telling himself he's plotting revenge or has he decided they're really dating now?
- do they end up coparenting Tony and Ann's son? What does her family think of all this?
- I'd love anything exploring the show's weird magician subculture

Better Off Ted (Ted/Veronica, Ted/Veronica/Linda)
I'm lumping these two ships together because I'd be equally happy with either. I've been rewatching this perfect show and I just want more Veridian Dynamics shenanigans:
- what do corporate make the employees do for Valentine's Day?
- corporate retreat!
- something goes horribly wrong (right?) in the lab? (I'd be more than okay with sex pollen...)
- anything where Veronica tackles a project or an office problem with Ted, or Ted and Linda, and it leads to a change in their relationship.

If you go the OT3 route I'd love for Veronica and Linda to be into each other as much as Ted.

Peep Show (Mark/Jeremy)
Series 9 was just about everything I wanted for this show. These two are clearly stuck together forever - as Jez wisely said seasons ago, he's Mark's One - so I'd love them to drift into being a couple, especially if it's to Mark's great reluctance. Some possible prompts:
- how long (and how far) can they go before Mark has to accept that they're not just flatmates any more?
- Jez loves Christmas; I'd love a post-series 9 Christmas.
- anything with them looking after Ian.

I don't need a happy or hopeful ending for these two so long as they stay together (which sounds like a contradiction in terms but being together and making each other miserable is perfectly fine and in keeping with canon) - just nothing horrible happening to Ian, please.

Silicon Valley (Gavin/Bighead, Erlich/Monica, Gavin/Richard)
Okay, I ship just about everything for this fandom but I've restrained myself to three ships I really adore and always want more fic for.

Gavin/Bighead: NelsonBelson's the weird little ship of my heart; I'm so in love with Bighead making Gavin at least a bit less terrible, as unintentionally and bemusedly as he does everything. Some possible prompts:
- what do Hooli do for Valentine's Day?
- someone (Brogrammers?) complain to HR that Nelson's rapid season 2 promotions can only have been because he was sleeping with the boss
- Hooli's hacked and everyone's emails get leaked
- Richard finds out
- Gavin holds onto his job after season 2 (demoted instead of fired?) but if he wants to avoid getting fired he's going to have to make Nelson look like a genius so the promotions look legitimate; feel free to go as full-on My Fair Lady as you desire.
(Please no sad endings or permanent heartbreak, I couldn't take it.)

Erlich/Monica: This whammied me out of nowhere in 2.08 and there's practically no fic so I'll be delighted with just about anything where they spark off each other (especially if Erlich gets to furiously compliment her while trying to insult her, a la "and you're terrible at it because you look great. Possible prompts:
- Erlich's furious with her after the s2 finale. They end up in bed together despite/because of this.
- Richard finds out
- posing as a couple at a funders event for whatever reason (or secretly being a real couple but pretending to be a fake couple pretending to be a real couple)

Gavin/Richard: the tie scene was life-ruining, honestly. For this pairing I can either go comedy, being surprised to find some common ground (drunken commiseration followed by drunken hookup after the finale?), or all-out angsty "post-s2 Richard goes into a self-destructive spiral and Gavin's as bad or worse than his worst self in canon".

I'm more than fine with background Jared/Richard (especially as a source of angst in Gavin/Richard fic), whether that's unrequited, UST or full-on relationship, although I'd prefer no other non-canon background ships aside from that one or the ones I've nominated.

Supergirl (Kara/Cat)
This is the latest show I've fallen for; I've loved the Superman universe since Lois and Clark was airing so I'd love if there was some use of a comic-type plot device pushing Cat and Kara together (either romantically or just a deepening of their platonic relationship): Kara suddenly develops a new superpower? Red or any other colour of kryptonite comes into play? Cat's kidnapped by a supervillain? Kara's secret identity is revealed to the world and Cat has to protect her? My favourite comic is Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane so go as silly and as tropey as you want.

I'd prefer no established relationship for this ship, please, and no Carter playing matchmaker (although I love him and fic featuring him would be great!).

(Veep (Gary/Selina, Gary & Selina, Kent/Catherine)
I nominated both the ship and gen tag for Gary and Selina because I don't want the relationship to be pushed much farther than their canon strange, co-dependent dynamic with Gary's desperate adoration that she may or may not notice (and he may or may not fully understand himself) - I can't really imagine Selina suddenly throwing herself into his arms. But anything about how they relate to each other's good; are they just as co-dependent outside of work, or is there no "outside of work", especially once Selina's President? What happens when she eventually retires?

For Kent/Catherine I'm fine with either humour or more serious, character study fic. I don't have any specific prompts other than possibly Kent continuing to advise her on her image problem, but I'd enjoy just about anything with these two. I'd prefer a growing attraction and/or getting together than an established relationship.

ETA: !!! Okay, I just checked my sign-up and realised I selected Kent/Sue instead of Kent/Catherine. So writer, if we matched on that ship I'm so sorry and I do ship Kent/Sue as well. A missing scene during their relationship would be fun - what would a typical date night look like for them? Or pillow talk?

I've probably written far too much, but these are all just suggestions (I'd be thrilled with 300 words of any of these couples hugging it out.) - hope you have fun with the assignment, and thanks again for offering these fandoms!


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