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Hello Yuletide writer!

First off, thank you for offering one of my tiny fandoms/ships! In writing this letter I've been going through my tumblr cleaning up some tags and it's made me excited at the prospect of getting a gift in any of these fandoms. When In Rome and The Brady Bunch Movie have no fic at all, Parks & Rec has no fic for the pairing I've requested and Arrested Development, while a relatively popular fandom compared to those others, gets a few fics a month if we're lucky and has the ship that I've been obsessed with for a year and a half - so whichever one we matched on, this is a tiny fandom of my heart.

Secondly, sorry for the length of this letter, easily the longest one I've ever produced for Yuletide. I'm giving some likes, dislikes, fandom info and prompts below because I like to have those things, but I know that as always Optional Details Are Optional.

Things I like: Largely cribbed from last year - ships between people who complement one another's specific quirks, comedic misunderstandings, dialogue, zany schemes, found families, close friendships, kid fic, curtainfic, Christmas/holiday stories. Tropes, particularly pretending to be a couple/undercover in a gay bar/pretending to be married, amnesia, hurt/comfort, snowed in/huddling for warmth, Five Things, groundhog day. Outsider POV - I've nominated at least one minor character in each fandom, so it'd be interesting to have their view of the main characters or plot. For any of these requests I'd be really happy with slice of life fic about how the nominated characters interact and how they work as either a romantic couple or best friends, but plotty fic would also be loved.

For the second year running I’ve requested all sitcoms and comedy movies. I’d happily read comedy/humour fics for all of these, but if you’re so inclined I’d also be interested in more character driven or introspective fics. I’d prefer no darkfic, non-con or death fic, though, and I'd strongly prefer a happy or hopeful ending. It's not necessary to replicate the narration/cutaways in AD and the to-camera interludes in Parks & Rec, if you write for either of those, although if you want to and it fits the story you're writing, go for it.

Other general DNWs: Alpha/Beta/Omega, mpreg, AUs that change the canon setting (so 'everything's as it is in canon but people have daemons/soulmates/etc' is fine, but no coffeeshop or high school AUs, please.)

So, my requests:

Arrested Development – Gob Bluth, Tony Wonder
Magicians in love! I'd love to see anything about them fake-dating in season 4, or how they fare as a couple once it's all resolved: Tony meets the family? Typical Bluth shenanigans with a new person in the mix? Or an AU taking canon in a different direction would be interesting - what happens if Gob goes through with the wedding, or doesn't run into Ann at Cinco?

The source: Arch, mockumentary-style mid-00s sitcom about a rich, self-absorbed family that got a fourth season on Netflix last year. Famous for its elaborate jigsaw-puzzle of continuity, foreshadowing and callbacks. Oh, and lots of incest jokes. My favourite show.
The characters: Gob’s the unloved oldest son of the Bluth family and the older brother of the show’s main character, with whom he has a complicated emotional relationship (again: incest jokes.) Oh, and he’s a (bad) magician. Also occasionally a stripper. Tony, who only appears in a small number of episodes, is a much more famous and successful magician, and as such is Gob’s nemesis, although Gob forgets this when he’s actually around him and turns into a starry-eyed fanboy instead. In season 4 of the show they’re separately pretending to be gay for Reasons and end up fake dating, only to (arguably) fall in love with each other for real.
Available on: Most Netflix regions. Last Yuletide I wrote a primer about the relevant episodes.

I mentioned ‘fake-dating during s4’ in the prompt – I love the ‘pretending to be a couple’ trope and since it actually happens in canon for these two I’d love to see that explored. What happens on the rest of the night they sit up and talk? Do they see each other again between then and the Cinco sex-date? Is Gob still telling himself he's plotting revenge or has he decided they're really dating now? My favourite thing about the part of canon where they're fake-dating is how smitten with each other they are, even while they're both loudly claiming it's all just a brilliant scheme, so anything with them being deeply in denial and deeply into each other would be great - a letter last year called them something like "high school sweethearts who happen to be sleazy washed-up middle-aged men", which is just perfect.

Some other possible prompts:

  • We see bits of a magic subculture throughout the series, with Poof magazine and the Gothic Castle and the Magician's Alliance. Did Gob and Tony ever run into each other at magic conventions or competitions? Is their eventual relationship a hot piece of gossip in the magic community?

  • What if Gob had made it to the right Little Ballroom for their second date, either solo or with Michael still following him?

  • I'd be really interested in seeing s1-3 Gob in a relationship with Tony, either because post-s4-Gob loses his memory or because some change to canon gets them together earlier (the Sword of Destiny trick goes well and he gets on Tony's DVD; they run into each other while Gob's working as a pimp in s3; it's Tony who he drunkenly marries after a night of escalating dares in s1; etc)

I'm invested in pretty much every single character in this show, so any other Bluths/Funkes/others you want to throw in would be very welcome. I'm particularly interested in Ann, and in Gob's relationship with his siblings and his son, and I will never get tired of Michael being the put-upon straight man.

I do have one specific Do Not Want for this fandom - the narrator being right and Gob and Tony being mistaken about their feelings for one another, and/or them being 100% straight. (Fic where they futilely try to convince themselves they’re just straight platonic friends, on the other hand, would be much appreciated.)

By the way, when picking an image for this section I deliberately went for one that shows off the good-7-or-8-inch height difference between Will Arnett and Ben Stiller, so if you wanted to incorporate that into fic I would definitely not be averse to it.

My tumblr tag for this pairing

The Brady Bunch Movie – Marcia Brady, Noreen
I'd love to see Marcia gaining a clue about Noreen's unrequited love or spontaneously developing a crush of her own on her friend (maybe assuming that of course Noreen doesn't feel the same way). Brady parents and/or siblings turning this into a Very Special Episode as they weigh in with well-meaning advice would be welcome.

The source: I nominated this as The Brady Bunch Movie but I’m counting that movie plus A Very Brady Sequel as a generic Brady Bunch movieverse (there’s a third one, but I haven’t seen it). This was the a movie sending up the 70s family sitcom, with the setting updated to the 90s but the family continuing to act, dress and talk as they did in the original series.
The characters: Marcia ("Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!") is the oldest Brady daughter - confident, blonde, popular, seems like she'd be the queen bee at her school but only comes off as a mean girl to middle sister Jan. She thinks a guy putting his tongue in her mouth counts as third base. Noreen is Marcia’s adoring best friend who’s in love with her. Marcia’s utterly oblivious to this. There are sleepovers and Noreen defends her honour at a school dance and while Marcia never catches on to her feelings she eventually attracts the attention of a cute girl who actually notices her.
Available on: Netflix US, UK and Ireland

I’ve been meaning to nominate this fandom for the entire decade-plus that Yuletide’s been running – I possibly have requested it before but I’m too lazy to go and check. Anyway, I’ve seen these two movies an ungodly number of times and I adore Marcia in all her blithe blonde flawlessness. I'm also awfully fond of her cute BFF and her obvious-from-space crush, so femslash for this movie would be amazing (non-explicit unless it's futurefic, please).

  • Any typical high school romance tropes, complicated by one of them being twenty years out of date - spin the bottle? going to prom together? being lesbian mothers to a flour baby for a week?

  • I mentioned outsider POV in the general likes section: what does Noreen think about the Bradys and their 70s timewarp? What's it like when she and Marcia hang out at her house instead?

  • I also nominated Jan, since her furious Marcia-envy is my favourite thing, so if you wanted to work her in there - maybe she starts a rumour about Marcia and Noreen, or tries to get her own girlfriend?

If you don't want to put them together I'd also love friendship fic - Marcia finding out about Noreen’s new girlfriend after prom would be interesting, or futurefic. Does Marcia absorb some more modern attitudes at college? Years later, have the Bradys made it into the 80s?

By the way, I’ve only seen episodes here and there of the original series so it’s not necessary to reference it – although if there’s a storyline from the show you want to use, go for it.

My tumblr tag for this movie (fair warning, I also ship Marcia/Greg so there's some of that in there)

Parks and Recreation – Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, Craig Middlebrooks
I just want to know what these two would look like as either a couple or platonic BFFs; do they go horseback-riding/go-kart racing like they planned in the s6 finale? Do they have a dramatic torrid affair or surprise everyone by being stable and in love or just get into ridiculous situations of their own making? Or all of the above?

The source: Sitcom set in an Indiana small-town parks department, about to go into its seventh/final season. Filmed like The Office, except the camera crew isn’t real.
The characters: Both minor characters. Jean-Ralphio’s the best friend of one of the regulars and has been in the show for years; he's a feckless, high-energy spoiled rich kid who enjoys singing his dialogue, hitting on women, hitting on men (“sometimes I call men beautiful too: I guess I’m open-minded as heeeell") and staying obliviously upbeat when inevitably rejected by all these people. Craig came into the show this last season and is LOUD and IMPASSIONED and HIGHLY STRUNG. They met for the first time in the s6 finale, when they immediately clicked and agreed to go horseback riding together. I have been hoping against hope for them to become canon ever since.
Available on: It’s all on US Netflix. There’s a supercut of all Craig’s scenes on YouTube (unfortunately it's missing his and Jean-Ralphio's second scene from the finale) and an incomplete one for Jean-Ralphio.

I fully acknowledge that this will be a nightmare pairing for some (many?) people because these two are both such loud OTT living cartoon characters but... that’s kind of why I love them together. As with Gob and Tony, I have a thing for oddball characters meeting that one person who improbably just gets them, and for awful people adoring each other while continuing to be terrible to everyone else in the world.

Obviously Craig and Jean-Ralphio aren't quite there yet because this is a ship based on about four lines of onscreen interaction, so I've dragged up a few other scraps for them: the producers' cut of the finale has an extended version of the scene where they meet, at 21:30 (Jean-Ralphio tells a story about dressing up as his sister and going on a date with her ex-boyfriend; Craig demands "who ARE these people? They are awful and horrifying and I love them!") The blooper reel has an outtake from the same scene with Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa trying to get Craig to have sex with them (it's at 03:46)

Since judging by the s6 coda we're about to skip ahead 3 years, I'd be particularly interested in what we're apparently not going to see, the immediate follow-up to the season 6 finale with JR and Craig getting to know each other (/woo each other?). If you do go the shippy route I'd really like anything where they're just really attracted to each other.

  • How do they actually manage when given a task to do together (going out to get something for Tom's restaurant, say, or planning some City Hall event) - do they balance each other out and get things done, become an unstoppable vortex of loudness and attention-seeking, or something in between?

  • Some time in the future, with an established relationship or friendship, Jean-Ralphio dealing with a stressed-out Craig

  • The inevitable 'looking after Leslie and Ben's triplets' (or Craig's nephews) prompt

If you want to bring in other characters this is another show where I love everyone (except Jamm), but Tom, Dr Saperstein, Donna or Mona Lisa would be particularly welcome.

My tag on tumblr for this ship, for Craig as a character, and for Jean-Ralphio.

When in Rome – Tony, Gale
So what happens at the wedding reception? (Besides the dancing from the end credits anyway) Does Gale make good on that offer to pose for a nude? Do they stay friends with Beth? How did they interact when they were both under the spell, and how much of that do they even remember?

The source: 2010 Kristen Bell fantasy romcom movie (not the Olsen Twins movie of the same name. I can’t stress that enough.) Kristen is the main character, Beth, who is Cynical About Love etc etc. At her sister’s wedding in Rome, Beth learns that people throw coins in the local fountain to wish for true love. If you’ve seen any romcom involving wishes you can probably guess where this is going; Beth takes a handful of coins from the fountain, causing the men who threw them in to fall magically in love with her. She’s soon being wooed by an artist, a street magician, a vain male model and Danny Devito, while angsting over whether the guy she wants really loves her or if he’s under the spell too.
Available on: Seems to be on most of the European regions of Netflix
The characters: Two of the guys competing for Beth's affections are Antonio/Tony, a flamboyant Italian artist (or is he...) played by Will Arnett, and Gale, a shallow, amiable, kind of sleazy wannabe model played by Dax Shepard. Gale falls squarely into the pattern that I didn't notice until I came to writing this letter and saw all four prompts together, in that he's an obnoxious but fun extrovert with an inflated opinion of himself. Obviously I have a thing for this character type (and for pairing them up with someone who somehow has an even higher opinion of them). What interests me about this pairing is that "Antonio" initially seems to be not unlike him but is completely different after the spell's broken.

So it might be obvious from the presence of Will Arnett that this is something I picked up because it was related to my main fandom, but I unexpectedly loved it, bought the DVD, watched it multiple times, talked about it a lot with the two other people from AD fandom who are into it... look, I'm not saying this is a good movie but I enjoyed it a lot, especially the fact that it went the pair-the-spares route by having these two flirt with each other in the last scenes.

(gifs by kagayauniji)

If you matched me on something else and are now stumped/horrified – maybe you offered ‘all’ on Parks & Rec, not expecting a request for Craig slash? Apologies! – this might be an easy one to pick up. It’s another minor characters slash ship but it's 90 minutes long, it’s light and fluffy, the two characters I’ve requested are in maybe 15 minutes total and there’s no fic at all for this movie so I'd be delighted with anything about these two.

Some prompts beyond 'they flirt and maybe make out or more at the wedding, or Gale actually does pose nude for him some time' (although I'd love to read fic about either of those scenarios):

  • Where did the 'Antonio' persona come from? How much of that was (quieter, shy-seeming) Tony consciously controlling, and does he think Gale wishes he was really like that? How much did they interact while they were under the spell, and how is it different afterwards? Does he ever become Antonio again, maybe to feel more confident?

  • So, they were enchanted into falling in love with a stranger, and they know now that magic exists. Does that have any effect on how either of them thinks about things like fate and love? Does it ever occur to Gale, with his sizeable ego, that he's only a minor character in Beth's love story?

  • They run into another fantasy romantic comedy trope, but this time they're ready.

My tumblr tag for this movie

Thank you again, Yuletide Writer, for offering my fandoms and for reading any portion of me wittering on about them above - can't wait to read what you come up with!


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