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*blows dust off this account* Hi Yuletide writer! You've been matched to me, so I assume you're a fan of at least one of the TV comedies below. Whichever we've matched on, I'm hugely excited to read your fic and I really hope you have fun writing it.

Optional details being, as always, optional, I'd love to read anything you write about the listed characters. But if you'd like some prompts to go on:

30 Rock

Devon Banks, Jack Donaghy; Scheming and one-upmanship leading to a moment of sincere connection and/or grudging respect - so, yeah, just these two interacting as they do in canon, but if slash ensued that would be fantastic (or if not, innuendo-laden UST is great too!)

I just finished rewatching all the Devon episodes and there's almost no fic for him, which seems wrong when he's so magnificent. Fic set in any season is good, though I'd be interested in post-s7 Devon in particular since his last appearance was one of my favourites. 'Classic' slash tropes (or romance tropes in general) might be really fun for these two: pretending to be a couple for plot reasons? Snowed into a cabin? Or maybe they meet again through their kids?

(If you're not feeling the Devon/Jack I would love to see Devon/Jonathan. "That fancy little fellow", indeed.)

Sources: 30 Rock is on the US version of Netflix and the first 3 seasons are on Lovefilm in the UK; the Devon episodes are 1.18, 2.02, 2.13, 3.01, 4.02, 4.07, 5.18, 6.03 and 7.09.

Arrested Development

GOB Bluth, Tony Wonder; Really, any GOB/Tony with a happy or hopeful ending for them as a couple will delight me, but I love all the bits and pieces we get in canon about their weird little magic subculture, like Poof magazine and the Magicians' Alliance and the Gothic Castle. Maybe GOB and Tony play up a fake rivalry in the press while secretly dating, or have a joint act after they get together? Or some kind of shenanigans happen at a magicians' convention?

GOB and Tony are my OTP for this fandom, but if you haven't seen s4 (where most of Tony's screentime happens) then maybe something set in an earlier season, either during Sword of Destiny/SOBs or some interaction between them that happened offscreen? If the magic prompt isn't working for you, I would read 10 million fics of "what exactly did happen on Cinco and/or what did GOB do the next day" or "the rest of the family finds out about GOB and Tony's relationship". Or missing scenes from s4; why was Tony at the wedding, how did he end up sleeping with Ann, what happened the rest of the night they stayed up and talked, did they see each other between that night and Cinco...

If you want to add in the other characters, I can't get enough of GOB's relationship with his siblings and I love Ann and Steve Holt (and I'm really intrigued about this kid of Ann and Tony's).

(PS - on the unlikely chance you were worrying about this, I don't care if it's written GOB or Gob.)

Sources: AD's on Netflix. Tony's in 2.15, 4.07 and 4.11, with a couple of non-speaking cameos/references in other episodes -
I did a more extensive write-up of the GOB/Tony relevant episodes over on the Yuletide comm.

Better Off Ted

Veronica Palmer, Ted Crisp; I love Veronica and Ted working together (especially if it's after initially being at odds); maybe the office holiday party goes wrong, or Rose has a problem at school, or they have to rescue Lem and Phil from something horrible of their own creation...? Ship fic, or friendship-with-UST.

I ship these two but also completely adore their friendship, so I'll be equally happy with het or gen for this (or poly, since Ted/Veronica/Linda are so very OT3...) Veronica's one of my favourite characters in anything so I'd love to see backstory for her, or what she gets up to away from the office. Just Veronica getting the chance to be awesome, in fact. That said, the Veridian Dynamics weirdness is a big part of what I love about this show, so I'd prefer no, say, coffee shop AUs.

Source: Apparently on the US, Canada and Ireland versions of Netflix; every episode is brilliant but some of the best Veronica episodes, for my money, are 1.05 (Ted and Veronica get competitive over a school fundraiser), 1.12 (the Jabberwocky one), 2.02 (Veronica uses Rose as her mole in the creche) and 2.06 (Veronica manipulates the employees into working ridiculous hours, maybe my favourite thing ever just for the "tonight we dine IN HELL!" speech).

Parks & Rec

Ben Wyatt; My OTP is Ben and geekery so I'd love to see something about his fanfic writing, his board games, his TV shows or anything else he's nerdy and passionate about (model UN? Making stop-motion animation? ...accountancy?) Could be Ben alone, or if it overlaps/conflicts with some of Leslie's geeky interests, great - or I'd love to see friendship fic with any of the other characters, particularly Chris or April.

Oh, Ben, you perfect creature, naming your calculator and being nationally ranked in Catan and writing shippy fanfic about Data from TNG. I love all of the P&R characters so really do throw anybody in there for him to bounce off.

Alternatively/additionally - I'm intrigued by that "who hasn't had gay thoughts, who?!" line if you wanted to explore that (Ben/Chris? Ben/Leslie/Chris? Ben/April/Andy?) If you do go that route please no infidelity; pre-Ben/Leslie or an AU where they never got together or amicably split would be fine, though.

Source: s1-5 are on Netflix. Best Ben nerd bits: 4.04 (the Treat Yo Self shopping trip with Donna and Tom), 4.07 (model UN!), 5.03 (the shippy Data TNG fanfic), 5.10 (a Catan-playing bachelor party) and 6.04 (Auditing bros!! And Ben and Chris have a lovely conversation about their lives before Pawnee, including Ben's adventures in Twin Peaks fandom)

General likes and dislikes for these fandoms

Like: ships between people who complement one another's specific quirks, comedic misunderstandings, banter, zany schemes, found families, close friendships, fluff, kid fic, Christmas/holiday stories. Slash, het, femslash, poly, gen, it's all good. All of these are fandoms where I'll embrace ridiculous fic tropes like people being magically de-aged or Harry Potter fusions or apocalypse AUs. Crossovers between any of these fandoms would be A-OK.

Dislike: character/ship bashing (with an exception for the in-character stuff, like everyone forgetting Ann in AD), PWP, Alpha/Beta/Omega, death fic, depressing endings

I only realised in the writing of this post that three of my fandoms have some kind of fourth-wall-breaking stylistic thing going on (and 30 Rock has a ton of flashbacks and cutaways) - it's not necessary to emulate it in the fic unless you really want to.

Most of my fandom activity lately's been over on tumblr, if you want to check that out. And thank you for writing for me!

ETA to add some sources 19th Oct and having looked up the references I now want to rewatch all of the episodes above. Maybe just all of these 4 canons in their entirety.
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