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I have been watching an unholy amount of television lately, including all of Being Erica and Better Off Ted, the first episode of the new Sherlock, and a varied jaunt round the police procedural (CSI is ridiculous and runs on magic, The Mentalist and Castle are both really really fun, the first season of Law & Order is weirdly compelling and Columbo > everyone ever) - and yet, I can't pull together any sort of commentary on these things because I have just watched an episode of Highlander and now I'm in a stupefied state of "...what the hell was that?!" This is probably my own fault for starting near the end of season 3, having never seen an episode, but I wanted to see this Methos guy - I was astonished last year at [community profile] connotations to learn he's not actually the lead character, fannish osmosis having steered me wrong - and it sounds like a simple enough premise, right? Right?!

...okay, for the most part it was a simple enough plot. Immortals run around trying to kill each other because this allows them to absorb their victim's superpowers; the lead, despite his accent, is allegedly a Highlander (hence the title) and has a magnificently 90s haircut; there is a bad guy who used to be a monk; there are Watchers; there are historical flashbacks; this is all fine, like Angel with more amusing hair. And I see why Duncan/Methos is such an immense old school ship. However, there was also an entirely random subplot about some guy called Richie joining a motorbike team (was it bikes or cars? I just watched this and yet the plot is already fading from my mind.) Halfway through I paused to check an episode guide just to be sure a different show hadn't been spliced into my copy by mistake, but no. This is what I get for not watching from the beginning - no doubt this was the climax of a carefully crafted some-guy-called-Richie-dreams-of-racing-stardom subplot that I didn't appreciate at all. That said, the theme tune was quite epic and if there's one thing I love, it's a 90s show, so it's only being stuck at my parents' with their painfully small broadband usage limit that's stopping me from acquiring some more episodes right now.
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