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Dear [community profile] yuletide writer (I just feel a bit odd about calling people goats, although goats are perfectly nice creatures. Maybe that bit in Harry Potter about Dumbledore's brother and the inappropriate charms ruined them for me?),

Hurray! You've signed up for one of my rare fandoms - and this year they're really pretty rare, I think the most popular has four offers that aren't me - which means I like you already. And I'm dead easy to please, honestly. I like gen, slash, het, femslash, poly, I'm a huge multishipper, there are very few characters I don't like, I'm a big fan of humour and dialogue and adventures and fun character interactions; I'm not very fond (at least for these four fandoms) of unremitting angst without at least some spark of hope at the end of the tunnel, and I really hate character or ship bashing (though obviously some characters do canonically dislike each other, and reflecting that's fine).

I know this is weird in fandom, but I generally skim NC-17 scenes, so PWP isn't really my thing; don't feel you have to fade to black if it's going to wreck the story you're writing, of course.

Enid Blyton: St Clare's - any

My favourite's Alison, the silly cousin with her epic girlcrushes, but I'll be happy with anything in this fandom - gen or femslash, though no underage sex, please. Feel free to go outside the bounds of the genre, especially if you want to play with what happened in the mysterious third year we know nothing about (zombie apocalypse at St Clare's?)

I should say that I love, love, stories about girls' boarding schools, with all the trappings of that genre - midnight feasts and practical jokes on Mam'zelle and all that. I was torn between this fandom and Malory Towers and St Trinian's, and finally went for this because it's rarer. So whatever characters or plot you go for, it'd be great if they were still at school. Apart from that? Go mad. If you want to stick to canon and the style of the books, that's fine by me (something from the teachers' POV could be fun?), but if you want to veer off into crazy genre-crossing antics, I'm more than on board with that. Elder gods in the grounds! Ghosts in the attic! Someone finds a time machine! Plucky schoolgirls fending off velociraptor attack! Etc.

I haven't read Pamela Cox's fill-ins so I'd prefer not to get fic based around those.

Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? - Bob Ferris/Terry Collier

Bob/Terry, please, slash or just a continuation of the strong friendship that's in canon - there's just no fanfic for this at all, so I'd be happy with anything (provided Thelma's not made into a cartoon villain).

This one's a long shot as nobody's offered it but me two years running (it's me who keeps nominating it too), but as I've got pimped into new sources by [community profile] yuletide I decided that hell with it, I was going to request it anyway. Anyway, here's my post pimping this show. After I wrote that I went back and rewatched some episodes thinking "surely, surely my slash goggles were turned to max last time I saw this and a 1970s sitcom wasn't that blatantly, knowing slashy?" - except it really is. More so than I remembered, even. If you go the slash route I'd prefer an R-rating or below; if not, a caper or a social occasion or a rambling conversation down the pub would be just as good.

I didn't mention her in the character selection, but if you do go for this one and don't feel like writing the guys I'd love to see Terry and Thelma interacting - I love their relationship in canon, veering between circling each other like cats and ganging up on Bob when he's annoyed them both.

The Brady Bunch Movie - Greg Brady/Marcia Brady

Marcia's my One True Character here; for preference I'd like Marcia/Greg or Marcia/Noreen (her lesbian best friend), but if that's not your thing, I'd also like gen about Marcia going to college or interacting with her schoolmates or family, or just generally being awesome.

This movie, and A Very Brady Sequel, are my warm'n'fuzzy happy place. I love the mocking-but-affectionate tone of the movies a lot so if you can keep that, we're golden. I named Greg in my characters request, but if stepcest isn't your thing feel free to only have him in a minor role, or leave him out entirely. So long as my girl Marcia's centre stage, all is well.

I said in last year's sign up that I hadn't seen any of the original series. No longer true! So if you want to follow the movies in stealing the show's ridiculous plots, I'll have no complaints.

Bernard and the Genie - Bernard Bottle/Josephus

Something keeping the sweet, funny tone of the movie, please; fix-it fic reuniting Bernard and Josephus would be lovely, or a missing scene before Josephus leaves? Slash would be adored, gen-with-subtext is good too, hijinks and hilarity ensuing are my favourite things.

Nothing to add to that, really!


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