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There's a meme going around where you do Top 5s suggested by your friends list; I'm only doing this meme in a half-assed way, where I do Top 5s suggested by myself, because anything else spells madness and tying myself in mental knots (I tried to do that 'your 15 favourite ships ever' a few weeks ago and ended up with a vastly complicated Venn diagram with about 50 couples listed on it. )

Five couples I ship despite them never having met
1. Mickey Smith/Tish Jones (Doctor Who). I maintain that it's possible, even likely, that these two have met offscreen since Journey's End, given that Mickey knows Martha.
2. Buffy/Gunn (Buffy/AtS) - ignoring the comics, Buffy deserves some happy fun-times with someone who's awesome and fun but who can also take out a vampire nest with her if need be.
3. Gaila/absolutely everyone (Star Trek XI) - everything's better with Gaila. Trufax.
4. Sarah Jane/Giles (SJA/Buffy) - you have to handwave him looking exactly like Mr Finch, but other than that, there would be world-saving and sighing over gung-ho teenage charges and books.
5. Rose Tyler/Ginny Weasley (Doctor Who/Harry Potter) - this came up as a match in [profile] cidercupcakes' Home Team, and clearly it's just an amazing idea and the only logical explanation for how Rose was able to appear on the screen in Midnight; magic!

Five fannish sources I want to revisit
1. The Harry Potter series. I've only read the last three books one time each, on the day of their release, and I barely remember anything that happens.
2. All the episodes of New Who where Tish appears. See #1, above.
3. The Mawdryn Undead/Terminus/Enlightenment trilogy (classic Who) which, oh look! Is out on DVD on Monday! I can enjoy Turlough's inept attempts at rock-based murder and the Black Guardian's duck hat in glorious DVD quality!
4. The Buffy high school years. I miss them.
5. Lois & Clark: I watched the first couple of episodes this week and remembered how hard I loved this show when it was on the air (I must have been in primary school). It's the most 90s thing ever, and normally I loathe protracted will they won't they stories, but this one works for me - I suppose because there's a convincing reason why they can't just get together other than 'one of them refuses to ask the other out'.

Five fandoms I would nominate for [community profile] yuletide if it opened today
1. Psmith series, PG Wodehouse. I've just finished a reread of these and I want Psmith/Mike so bad. (The end of 'Psmith in the City', where Mike is overcome at the casual grand gesture his best friend's just made, and he calls him 'Psmith' instead of 'Smith' - they're pronounced identically, of course, but the change in spelling, the indication he's switched to calling him by his chosen name made me wibble.) Failing that, I'd read anything with Psmith being eccentric and verbose at people and making zany schemes and Mike being his straight man. That said, I'm going to feel weird nominating a character called 'Michael Jackson'.
2. You Rang, M'Lord?: Yes, yes, cheesy early nineties sitcom with an overreliance on repeated gags and catchphrases but...! It's fun to watch, and it passes the Bechdel test, and Cissy just makes me want to draw hearts around her, because it looks like the show's setting up a one-joke "lol, the oldest daughter's a cross-dressing lesbian and her family's oblivious" - and then it turns around and makes her a pilot and a suffragette and the most sympathetic member of the family, and gives her a very sweet (platonic) interaction with the main character, Ivy, who's one of the maids.
3. The Brady Bunch Movie: I rewatched this last night for the [x] millionth time (I've seen the sequel even more often, because it has the Greg/Marsha stuff. I'm not proud). I can't rationally explain why I love this so much - I've only seen one episode of the original show - but everyone in this is weirdly adorable and hilarious.
4. The Great Gatsby: finished rereading this for my book group this morning, and while my desire for Nick/Gatsy is undoubtedly just a passing whim, right now I'd like it a lot.
5. Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (2000): because nobody loves the remake but me...

Five female characters I'm kicking myself for not nominating for Home Team 2009
1. Rayyan Hamoudi (Little Mosque on the Prairie) - I can't believe I forgot Rayyan. She's one of my favourite female characters ever; smart and confident and take-charge and still getting to have really sweet relationships with her parents and fiance and friends. There are tons of characters I like, but she's one of the few I'd want to be friends with in real life.
2. Maria Jackson (SJA) - why was Maria not on telly saving the world when I was 13 or 14? Why?
3. Cissy Meldrum (You Rang, M'Lord?) - see #2 above
4. DCI Swanson (Torchwood) - there are tons of one-off characters in the Doctor Who universe that I love, but she might be my very favourite. Snarky, deadpan coppers who can smack down Jack Harkness FTMW.
5. Penny (The Big Bang Theory) - who, as far as I know, doesn't have a surname, despite the show going into its third season. She could so easily have been The Girl, living across the hall and looking confused at all the boys' clever sciencey talk and cruelly failing to reward Leonard with sex even though he's such a nice guy. And instead she's a snarky foil for the guys (especially Sheldon) and a kickass person in her own right.

Five two things I wish I could find online to share with people
1. The Brig's in-character appearance on the Harry Hill show (first complaining when a Cyberman destroys his new crystal bowl - "you can't have anything nice around here" - and then singing "Don't Leave Me This Way" with some space badgers. It's that sort of show.)
2. The Mitchell and Webb radio sketch where David Mitchell plays the head of Hufflepuff welcoming the new intake of first years and trying to make the best of things with these 11-year-olds who've just learned they're not brave, clever or ambitious enough for one of the other houses: "You are 'the rest'. Probably not the ego-boost you were hoping for on your first day at school... but it's not all bad! One of us was killed last year!"

on 2009-08-05 02:53 pm (UTC)
gloss: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] gloss
Penny! Rayyan! The Brady movie omg! Buffy/Gunn and Sunnydale High!

This post just made my morning, no lie.

on 2009-08-05 04:12 pm (UTC)
marginalia: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] marginalia
RAYYAN. WHY DO I NOT HAVE AN ICON OF HER?? also maria. i love the sarah jane adventures SO MUCH for the ladies kicking ass.

this post = win

on 2009-08-17 03:15 am (UTC)
lizvogel: Real Doctor Who ended in 1989. (Real DW)
Posted by [personal profile] lizvogel
and then singing "Don't Leave Me This Way" with some space badgers.

OMG really? I too wish it was available.


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