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I'm worried that making a post before the importer's done its job will cause this post to vanish into the ether, crash Dreamwidth, or break the internet, but I think on balance I'll risk it.

While I'm waiting for the new Trek film to make its way to the cinemas I'm revisiting The Original Series. I think it's safe to say this was my first true love, as TV shows go; I'm a bit fuzzy on the timing, but I think I got into TOS before The X-Files (and unlike The X-Files I never fell out of love with it). I'm sure that I got into Star Trek through the novels before I'd ever seen the TV show, and when you've started off by falling in love with library copies of Uhura's Song and Pawns and Symbols it's a bit jarring to finally find it on TV and realise that Uhura's not the main character and there are far less Klingons than you were led to believe. Still, I gave it a chance and spent my early teens as a massive Trek nerd. So, with the new movie upon us I'm watching some episodes I haven't seen in years (alt!Spock/McCoy? Hot.) and finally getting around to sticking some books onto my shiny ebook reader.

This week I spent a commute and a lunch hour reading The Vulcan Academy Murders. My one-word review: lol.

This is just a hoot. Spock's mother Amanda is in stasis on Vulcan being treated for a lifethreatening illness, so Spock, Kirk and McCoy take extended shore leave and jaunt off to visit. Since I'm a huge fan of Uhura and Sulu I'd usually get annoyed at this complete ditching of everyone but the big three, but in this case... eh, why not. The power quickly fails at the Vulcan Science Academy and a Vulcan woman in the next stasis chamber to Amanda dies, and I decided Sulu, Uhura et al were off having hilarious swashbuckling adventures and settled down to enjoy the murder mystery. This, admittedly, would have been easier if the murderer hadn't been so obvious that she might as well have been twirling her moustache and cackling maniacally to herself. I assume this wasn't an intentional Columbo-type style choice, both because there's a half-hearted attempt to make it look like another character is the killer and because it's not so much 'thrill as the wily detective closes the net on the unsuspecting killer' as 'laugh as the characters stumble around ignoring the bleeding obvious because the only person with a motive, opportunity and no alibi's a pretty lady.'

The mystery - such as it is - seems tacked onto the author's real interest, which is Vulcan/human romance. I'm a Vulcan fan myself and I think I read some of Jean Lorrah's Amanda/Sarek fanfic back in the day. Their interaction here's quite sweet; the romance between the OCs is less so, though I think I was just skeeved out by Corrigan marrying his best friend's daughter, who he's known all her life ("you never married because you were waiting for me to grow up" - ick). Also, this is possibly an unfair point given when the book was written, but Vulcans seem to be unaware of even the concept of bi/homosexuality or same-sex attraction; there's plenty of "ah, this human's single - must find them a human of the opposite sex to marry" as well as a lot of guff about the sacred union of male and female, etc. I sniggered a bit at Kirk thinking that both Spock and Sarek are very attractive men, mind you.

My favourite bit was the exciting exclamation marks in the narration! Sometimes many in one scene! As if it was intended to be an audio book! Read out by Shatner!

It was a slight, fun read and I certainly don't resent the couple of hours I spent on it. What should be my next odyssey into TOS published fanfic? I have most of them in ebook and I'm veering towards The Entropy Effect or Dwellers in the Crucible, both of which I remember liking when I was a kid, but I'd be keen for Moar Sulu or Uhura.
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