Jan. 4th, 2016

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Hi writer! Thanks for offering one of my little fandoms/ships - please excuse any scrappiness in this letter while I hastily sign up last-minute. And also all the /s below, I swear I cut as many as I could...

General likes and dislikes )

I've mostly requested sitcoms plus one superhero show that's still pretty comedic. I’d happily read comedy or humour fics for all of these, but if you’re so inclined I’d also be interested in more character driven or introspective fics. I’d prefer no darkfic, non-con or death fic, though, and I'd strongly prefer a happy or hopeful ending (with exceptions for Gavin/Richard and Peep Show, as below). It's not necessary to replicate the narration and cutaways in AD and the to-camera parts in Better Off Ted, if you write for either of those, although if you want to and it fits the story you're writing, go for it.

I also seem to have requested a lot of ships where one (or more) participant is sarcastic/aggressive/driven/What Are Feelings. I'll eat up anything where they're an unreliable POV insisting they don't care about the other half of their ship (while clearly being head over heels), or where they get a chance to be protective or they unbend enough to make some unexpected and understated gesture of affection, or they're just surprised by love.

Things I'd rather not see: Alpha/Beta/Omega, mpreg, non-con. In almost everything I've nominated I really enjoy the world and the setting as well as the characters, so I'd prefer no AUs that change the canon setting ('everything's as it is in canon but people have daemons, soulmates etc' is fine, but no coffeeshop or high school AUs, please.)

Arrested Development (GOB/Tony) )

Better Off Ted (Ted/Veronica, Ted/Veronica/Linda) )

Peep Show (Mark/Jeremy) )

Silicon Valley (Gavin/Bighead, Erlich/Monica, Gavin/Richard) )

Supergirl (Kara/Cat) )

Veep (Gary/Selina, Gary & Selina, Kent/Catherine) )

I've probably written far too much, but these are all just suggestions (I'd be thrilled with 300 words of any of these couples hugging it out.) - hope you have fun with the assignment, and thanks again for offering these fandoms!


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