Oct. 11th, 2014

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Hello Yuletide writer!

First off, thank you for offering one of my tiny fandoms/ships! In writing this letter I've been going through my tumblr cleaning up some tags and it's made me excited at the prospect of getting a gift in any of these fandoms. When In Rome and The Brady Bunch Movie have no fic at all, Parks & Rec has no fic for the pairing I've requested and Arrested Development, while a relatively popular fandom compared to those others, gets a few fics a month if we're lucky and has the ship that I've been obsessed with for a year and a half - so whichever one we matched on, this is a tiny fandom of my heart.

Secondly, sorry for the length of this letter, easily the longest one I've ever produced for Yuletide. I'm giving some likes, dislikes, fandom info and prompts below because I like to have those things, but I know that as always Optional Details Are Optional.

Likes and dislikes )

Arrested Development – Gob Bluth, Tony Wonder
Magicians in love! I'd love to see anything about them fake-dating in season 4, or how they fare as a couple once it's all resolved: Tony meets the family? Typical Bluth shenanigans with a new person in the mix? Or an AU taking canon in a different direction would be interesting - what happens if Gob goes through with the wedding, or doesn't run into Ann at Cinco?
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The Brady Bunch Movie – Marcia Brady, Noreen
I'd love to see Marcia gaining a clue about Noreen's unrequited love or spontaneously developing a crush of her own on her friend (maybe assuming that of course Noreen doesn't feel the same way). Brady parents and/or siblings turning this into a Very Special Episode as they weigh in with well-meaning advice would be welcome.
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Parks and Recreation – Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, Craig Middlebrooks
I just want to know what these two would look like as either a couple or platonic BFFs; do they go horseback-riding/go-kart racing like they planned in the s6 finale? Do they have a dramatic torrid affair or surprise everyone by being stable and in love or just get into ridiculous situations of their own making? Or all of the above?
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When in Rome – Tony, Gale
So what happens at the wedding reception? (Besides the dancing from the end credits anyway) Does Gale make good on that offer to pose for a nude? Do they stay friends with Beth? How did they interact when they were both under the spell, and how much of that do they even remember?
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Thank you again, Yuletide Writer, for offering my fandoms and for reading any portion of me wittering on about them above - can't wait to read what you come up with!


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