Oct. 8th, 2013

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*blows dust off this account* Hi Yuletide writer! You've been matched to me, so I assume you're a fan of at least one of the TV comedies below. Whichever we've matched on, I'm hugely excited to read your fic and I really hope you have fun writing it.

Optional details being, as always, optional, I'd love to read anything you write about the listed characters. But if you'd like some prompts to go on:

30 Rock (Devon, Jack); Arrested Development (GOB, Tony); Better Off Ted (Veronica, Ted); Parks & Rec (Ben) - spoilers for all, including AD season 4 )

General likes and dislikes for these fandoms

Like: ships between people who complement one another's specific quirks, comedic misunderstandings, banter, zany schemes, found families, close friendships, fluff, kid fic, Christmas/holiday stories. Slash, het, femslash, poly, gen, it's all good. All of these are fandoms where I'll embrace ridiculous fic tropes like people being magically de-aged or Harry Potter fusions or apocalypse AUs. Crossovers between any of these fandoms would be A-OK.

Dislike: character/ship bashing (with an exception for the in-character stuff, like everyone forgetting Ann in AD), PWP, Alpha/Beta/Omega, death fic, depressing endings

I only realised in the writing of this post that three of my fandoms have some kind of fourth-wall-breaking stylistic thing going on (and 30 Rock has a ton of flashbacks and cutaways) - it's not necessary to emulate it in the fic unless you really want to.

Most of my fandom activity lately's been over on tumblr, if you want to check that out. And thank you for writing for me!

ETA to add some sources 19th Oct and having looked up the references I now want to rewatch all of the episodes above. Maybe just all of these 4 canons in their entirety.


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